I love creating things, eating biryani, and plotting to take over the world.



pyqtlet is a wrapper for Leaflet maps in PyQt5. It allows users to add a map into a desktop application.


UltimateFrisbee is a mobile game built in the Godot game engine. It is currently in early stage development.


Nimbus2018 is a minesweeper bot written in Python. It is pretty damn good.


SweetDreams is a crypto trading bot. It uses a market-making strategy dependent on the price fluctuations.

I try to pursue any and all projects that pique my interest. I believe that the greatest way to improve and expand my skillset is to consistently work on various side-projects. Most of these end up abandoned at the proof-of-concept stage, but by then, they have already served their purpose.

For more projects, visit my Github page.


Hey. I'm Sam.

I would like to enable people to do more. I believe that a good set of tools is fundamental for anyone to be fully productive. In my experience, I have seen that it is often difficult to recognise the oppurtunities that are ideal for tooling and automation. I would love to build a career around building tools that help people.

I have always loved building things. I thought that becoming a mechanical engineer would help me pursue that, however, it turned out that it was not a career for me. Somewhere along the way, I discovered programming. It checked a lot of boxes for me. I have always found the act of writing code to be engaging. It is the perfect mix of logic and creativity, and when used well, a force multiplier for human effort.

I don't really have much more to say. I am just writing this paragraph to make sure the content in all three tabs is atleast somewhat equal. So here is a little more. I feel that front-benchers need to have atleast as much pride as the back-benchers, early mornings are far more productive than late nights and that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens may be the only thing that can change the world.

For more about me, umm... visit this website?


Software Developer

Skylark Drones

As one of the first developers at Skylark Drones, I was fortunate enough to be faced with the widest possible range of problems that needed to be solved. Over my tenure at Skylark, I worked on a wide variety of internal and external tools and solutions like;

  • - An automated data pipeline running on the cloud, that took drone images, ran several processing operations, and prepared the output to be ready for viewing on the web.
  • - Several web-based POCs that showcased the different use cases of data captured by drone. This included projects involving videos, maps, and 3D models.
  • - A data uploader that automatically uploaded data from on-field whenever network connectivity was available.
  • - Internal tools to segregate data based on various parameters.
  • - Internal hiring tools to streamline our hiring process, with automated mail parsing linked to our Trello hiring board.

Python Backend Developer

Epzeta Technologies

As a first working experience after completing my Mechanical Engineering, EpZeta gave me a great platform to learn. As a part of the 2 developer team, I got to really test my self-learned skills as a developer, and the experience was great. My role was to integrate the existing machine-learning and data-science models into a usable web backend that would function as the companies proof of concept. Over the course of that I also managed to work on a bit more;

  • - Developed proof of concept for a recommender system service.
  • - Was in charge of backend web development including implementation of ReST services and hosting.
  • - Employed various machine learning techniques, including natural language processing (tfidf, lda) and genetic algorithms.
  • - Created several data visualizations to aid in the development process.

For more details visit my LinkedIn page